C.R.E.S.T Program

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The Saddle Lake Crisis Response Emotional Support Team is one of the newest programs run out of the Eagle Healing Lodge. This program is made up of volunteers, both staff and non-staff.

We respond to Emotional Trauma situations.

Our services are open to everyone in the Saddle Lake Cree Nation. We offer emotional Support/Guidance some of the services we offer include (but are not limited to):

-Grief and Loss Healing Workshops
-Trauma Recovery Workshops
-Individual and Group De-Briefing
-One on One and Group Counselling
-Home Visits
-Assisting anyone who has experienced any trauma due to emotional crisis
– Suicide Prevention and intervention


Our Crisis Response Team Representative can be contacted by calling:

(780) 210-0664

What is Trauma?

There are two types of trauma —
physical and mental.

Physical trauma includes the body’s response to serious injury and threat.

Mental trauma includes frightening thoughts and painful feelings.

They are the mind’s response to serious injury. Mental trauma can produce strong feelings. It can also produce extreme behavior;such as intense fear or helplessness, withdrawal or detachment, lack of concentration, irritability, sleep disturbance, aggression, hyper vigilance (intensely watching for more distressing events), or flashbacks (sense that event is reoccurring).

A response could be fear. It could be fear that a loved one will be hurt or killed. It is believed that more direct exposures totraumatic events causes greater harm. For example, if a person is beaten, mugged, etc, their first hand exposure to the event could cause an intense amount of mental trauma.

Second-hand exposure to violence can also be traumatic. This includes witnessing violence such as seeing or hearing about death and destruction after a buildingis bombed or a plane crashes.

What is Grief?

* Grief is caused by a major life change
* Grief a normal reaction to a death or loss in a person’s life
* Grief can be hard, stressful and tiring, but it is not an illness
* Grief helps us to let go of the past and adjust to a new life without the person who died

How does grief affect people?

All people grieve differently. Some people will feel shocked and numb in the beginning.
Strange and painful thoughts and feelings may

* thoughts of confusion, disbelief, and
wondering if this is just a dream
* feelings of sadness, anger, guilt, loneliness,
bitterness, fear, edginess, nervousness, short tempered, and lack of confidence
All of these feelings are natural.

People who are grieving may:

* cry a lot
* blame others
* have upset stomachs and headaches
* have problems sleeping, resting, eating or  doing small tasks
* have no energy
* feel they have the same problems as the  person who has died

Click below to view the video outlining some new tools developed by Facebook to help people support a friend who may be suicidal:


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